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Hope announce Pro 4 hubs

Posted by Matt | January 4, 2016 | 3 comments so far

Hope Pro 4 rear hub

Hope Pro 4 rear hub

We’ve all ridden or owned bikes with Hope hubs. My Stans Crest/Hope Pro 2 combo date back to 2011 and I have some Mavic 819/Hope Pro 2 wheels that are older still. They are basically bomb proof if used as intended.

Now Hope have finally got round to updating the Pro 2, which morphed into the Pro 2 EVO a couple of years ago. With rapid changes in wheel ‘standards’ and a lot of experimenting going on with the kind of loadings hubs are subjected to (e.g. QR, front and rear through axles of various sizes, Boost 148, Plus sized tyres, wider rims), it was time to tickle the Pro 2 with the upgrade feather.

The result is a faster engaging freehub – now just 8.2 degrees before pick up thanks to an extra tooth – and higher flanges ready to take higher loadings, as well as high quality seals to keep out the muck. The freehub continues to be available in both 10/11 speed and XD flavours as well as with an alloy or steel body.

Hope bike ridden with Hope Pro 4 hubs

Hope Pro 4 hubs in action

Don’t expect the familiar hub noise to change much despite that increase to 44 teeth – no Chris King style buzz here, just the good-to-honest clickety-click we all know so well. Personally I prefer more of a fizz to a pop and would like the freehub to be quieter but you can’t argue with the performance of Great British engineering.

Beyond that, Hope say they achieve their legendary performance by close attention to tolerances and machining to make sure the bearings are not unduly loaded, and the continued use of a solid axle for strength.

If you find these on your next bike, or find yourself buying a set of wheels incorporating these, you’ve made a very good choice. The usual range of colours are available, including the orange you see here although sadly, no pink. Lime would be a great addition but is also reserved only for the Factory Racing team.

Find out more from Hope Technology.

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  1. Andrew says:

    I like the new orange ano. Do you think they could have made them better if they dropped QR support?

    • Matt says:

      I’m not sure how it would be different without the QR option Andrew as the options are implemented using different end caps. So the hubs are basically 20mm through axle hubs with end caps to space them down.

      I agree about the orange, you could build a great looking bike around that colour 🙂

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