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Hope Pro 5 Hubs and Centerlock disc rotors

Posted by Matt | February 24, 2023 | 2 comments so far

Hope Pro 5 disc hubs
Hope have announced the launch of a new generation of their famous hubs, the Pro 5 at the CORE Bike 2023 trade show.

Hope Technology have been synonymous with hubs for years, along with the distinctive loud clicking sound they make. You either love that or hate that but at least it lets other trail users you are around.

For long time I ran Hope Pro 2 hubs on Mavic 819 rims (in fact I still have them on the Inbred) and for a long time I loved the click clack noise. But gradually things moved on.

These days, Hunt Trail Wide wheels seem all the rage and one of the attractions is faster engaging hubs. Now with the launch of Hope’s Pro 5 the Barnoldswick manufacturer have a competitve option for people who want to mix and match their wheelset builds. Go all-Hope, or build your own wheels around the Hope Pro 5 hubs. You can’t do that with Hunt.

Hope Pro 5 hubs

The new Pro 5 offers several advances over the Pro 4 hub, released in 2016. Most notable is a 6-pawl freehub which uses offset pawls to provide 108 points of engagement on a 54 tooth ratchet. This equates to almost immediate hub engagement with a revolution angle of just 3.3°.

Next, friction is reduced through a new labyrinth seal and lighter, more reliable pawls which are seated inside the spring itself. So you can expect a fast and secure hub, and with the revised pawls I am guessing that the click click sound of old has moved toward something a bit fizzier.

Another key advance – and frankly years overdue – is the availability of these MTB and gravel focussed hubs with Shimano’s Centerlock disc mounts. I guess Hope would argue that previously the demand wasn’t there, but that’s a bit like choosing to build a bridge based on how many people swim over a river. Particularly among the gravel crowd (where bikes are moving toward MTB-lite applications), Centerlock has a following for sure.

Finally, another nod to current trends. The hubs can be had in a special e-bike configuration which sees the freehub made from stainless steel and the pawls adjusted so they all engage at once. You get 54 points of engagement, but you also get a stronger interface. If you are an analog Clydesdale-pedal masher, this might also be of interest to you.

Hope Centerlock disc rotors

Hope Centerlock disc rotors

Less trumpeted, but still noteworthy is the broadening of the Hope rotor range to offer Centerlock mounting in MTB rotor sizes.

Previously, Centerlock was something offered mainly for road wheels, but Centerlock mounts will soon be available on Hope floating discs up to 220mm diameters. I would have ordered both my Hunt and Silt wheelsets with Centerlock hubs if this had been available earlier. I personally find the Centerlock interface to be easier to install and easier to remove. Logically they are also a stronger interface, but I won’t kid you I can tell the difference on that point.

For both the rotors and the new Pro 5 hubs you of course get the option of all the usual Hope colours; or black, or silver. Whichever takes your fancy.

I have a thing for purple but I can’t help thinking that silver is due a revival. We haven’t had silver for a while and it has a nice classy feel to it. Maybe with a contrasting Centerlock lock ring?

At this rate, we’ll all be back to singlespeeding.

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There are 2 comments on ‘Hope Pro 5 Hubs and Centerlock disc rotors’

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  1. Tony says:

    I presume that – as you say – centre lock isn’t as common off road as on road plus that Hope probably have to pay Shimano a license fee to use centre lock, means that it’s taken Hope a while to create a centre lock hub. Nice to see them moving on with the new hubs.

    I do like centre lock compared to 6 bolt. Far quicker to change rotors particularly if you are swapping wheels over. I’ve taken to using an electric screwdriver to take off those pesky 6 bolts. Although I have centre lock on MTB/“winter all purpose road bike”/road bikes. I must be a fan of shimano!

    Finally it’s nice to see that Hope hubs will be a bit quieter. However Mat what about those super loud Scribes you ride?

  2. Elliot says:

    I immediately rushed over to YouTube to find a video of the freehub sound. Just as expected…angry bees…can’t be dealing with that!

    About time on the improved freehub seal. I used to find water would get in there and rust through the pawl springs.

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