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Marin 2010 details

Posted by Matt | July 10, 2009 | 6 comments so far

Marin Mount Vision 2010
It’s that time of year again where some of the big boys start to release details of their 2010 bike ranges. Specialized have recently been trickling information out (which I’ll cover soon) and now it’s Marin’s turn to waft the scent of newness under our noses.

I’m not sure I’m too fussed really. Having owned a Marin for a long time (and still running one in freak bike guise) I feel a bit ho-hum about their line-up of recent years even though the press continue to praise them.

Maybe it’s that I don’t happen to know many people who actually lust after them? Maybe they just don’t inspire the kind of brand loyalty that Orange or On-one can manage? Regardless, they’re influential designs. I jive their neat replaceable rear bolt-through dropouts for instance.

For 2010 the Mount Vision loses around 200g from a lightened swingarm as well as acquiring a thorough change to it’s geometry – basically it’s getting a longer wheelbase, longer top tube but similar sized cockpit thanks to a steeper seat tube and stem. All designed to keep it nice and stable as well as keeping it climb-able.

The other major change to their full sus line-up is that the Wolf Ridge, in all it’s many guises, has been toe dropped, or at least it’s name has. It survives after a fashion in the form of the Attack Trail optimised around a Hammerschmidt transmission. That’s not the only transmission available but it sounds as though best results on this 150mm travel machine are likely to come from this set-up.

Marin Attack Trail 2010

Recent Wolf Ridges have been well thought of so let’s hope the Attack Trail can carry on where it left off.

As for the delayed 120mm travel Alchemist I have nothing to add. Warning bells sound when you hear it has been delayed because of the need to pass CEN testing (presumably there was a problem with the original design?) and of course, it’s one of the ugliest bikes I’ve ever seen. I can’t even bring myself to show the photo!

Full 2010 Marin details are available on the Bike Magazine website from whence I’ve ‘repurposed’ these pictures (looks at feet). Go visit. They do this sort of thing better. Or at least, differently.

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  1. Dave says:

    A comment about the Alchemist that I just read made me laugh “Alchemist may be ugly but then so is Jimmys Mum and she rides like a satin squirrell”

    Mind your nuts!

  2. Colin says:

    All the reviews rate them highly and i’m sure they’re right.

    However, I just can’t help thinking Brunel must have had a hand in designing the fugly suspension systems.

    Whatever they are, they aint pretty

  3. tony says:

    Blimey did Marin employ a blind designer for the Alchemist? I’d had to get hold of a Snell approved paper bag helmet before I rode that!

    It reminds me of the look of a Kirk Magnesium frame. Hopefully it’s better built than one of them!

    Agree Colin – definite function over form look. Maybe the lack of showroom appeal explains why you don’t see too many out on the trials.

  4. tony says:


    Prophetic words about the Alchemist. You should try palm reading next!

  5. Matt says:

    What can I say Tony! That thing was never going to fly and even if it was a more competent machine I think the looks would have killed it stone dead. In fact isn’t CEN testing a perfect excuse for a weak market reception?

    If Marin want to compete with the race crowd these days it’s got to be carbon or a very sophisticated ally frame; not a ropey old monocoque like this.

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