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28 June ’15 Holmbury Sunday Ride – just the facts

Posted by Muddy John | June 28, 2015 | 9 comments so far

Participants: Duncan, Elliot, Nick, James, Lloyd, SSJ

Route: Pampolona, Yew Trees, Wire in the Blood, Collarbone, Abba Zabba/Blind Terror, Abinger Roughs, Holmbury YHA, Yoghurt Pots, Telegraph Road, Barry Knows Best, Peaslake, Rad Lane, Little Endor, Whitedown, Pampolona.

Tea Stop: Peaslake with Ginny and Chrissy

Damage: Rear flat for Nick. Dented rear rim for SSJ.

Injuries: None

Statistics: 27miles, 2700 ft climbing

Photos: Link to photos on Flickr

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Muddy John

About the author

John has been biking in the Surrey Hills since the late 1990s but only started riding with the MuddyMoles in 2008. In the couple of years since then he has learned more about mountain biking from the Moles than he learned in the previous ten.

Having remained loyal to his vintage pale blue and orange Stumpjumper hardtail since the last century, he has recently explored the limits of his storage space and his wife’s patience by adding an On-One Inbred Singlespeed and an Orange Five.

John is usually wearing or riding something blue and does not eat any raw fruit beginning with the letter T.

There are 9 comments on ‘28 June ’15 Holmbury Sunday Ride – just the facts’

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  1. Gordo says:

    Wonderful flowing writing style. It reminds me of your pictographic from a couple of years back.

  2. MuddyDave says:

    This reminds me of John’s pedal motion, 100% efficient and to the point!

  3. Elliot says:

    I thought that was an absurdly quick ride report when it popped up on my phone, now I see why. Similar style to a Michael Bloomberg press conference!

    Nice photos of everyone ducking down to get under the fallen tree. It looks like me and Lloyd had a bit further to duck than the rest 🙂

    Shame about the rim, I suppose you were up late into the night with a panel beaters hammer?

  4. Matt says:

    Couldn’t drag myself out of bed yesterday after a ‘busy’ Saturday – Holmbury was just a bit too far time-wise for me. Having said that, it was exactly the route I was expecting you to take.

    Should be back to normal this weekend though.

    Very concise summary John! How did you damage the rim, landing a four foot drop to flat again?

  5. Chrissy says:

    Was good seeing you boys in Holmbury. Hope to be out for the full ride next Sunday, free planning advice included….

  6. J-R says:

    In my haste to write a brief report I forgot to mention how I had to rummage round in Lloyd’s scrotum to find his “big bastard” tyre lever for Nick. When it come to tyre levers, it really was a big bastard.

    @Matt – not sure how I dinged the rim – but the only 4ft drops I do are in my sleep. Maybe 7psi was a tad too low for the tyre pressure over the roots of Hogden Lane, or China Pig on Saturday.

    @Dandy – yes it’s the bit of the “Blind Terror complex” just after crossing the road.

    @Chrissy – great to see you and Ginny too.

  7. DuncanG says:

    For once nobody died (metaphorical for fell). No somersaults from me. Still fun though. Looking forward to Dandy bringing us back to earth.. (metaphorical for carnage creation, aka, my first Sunday) for one more Sunday before I depart for the Alps.
    See you on Sunday.

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