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It’s Pimms o’clock … again

Posted by Dandy | July 8, 2013 | 8 comments so far

For those that saw me polish off Guaca Mole’s jugs of Pimms on Saturday evening, it will come as no surprise that I started this Chilterns epic where I finished off the night before.  In my defence, it was a surprise when Steven offered Tony and myself a pre-ride ‘sharpener’; but when have I ever refused a free drink?

Tea stop Hambleden

Tony (aka Mr Tumble / and myself joined Steven and his mates for a scenic tour of the Chilterns.  Having started with a Pimms, our destination was the Rebellion Brewery in Marlow which was hosting a charity open day (and has the benefit of being less than a mile from Steven’s house).  Joining the three of us were Steven’s neighbour Vince, and cycling buddies Phil, Steve, Galliver and Andy.

The four of us set off reasonably promptly, as we were due to be meeting the other four a couple of miles along the route.  I’m reliably informed our route was to be; Marlow->Frieth->Skirmett->Turville ->Kimble Farm->Fawley-> Hambleden ->Marlow Common -> Rebellion Brewery.  I’m sure conditions in the Chilterns were no different to those in the Surrey Hills; hot and sunny, but not too dusty thanks to rain earlier in the week.

Our route took us along bridlepaths, mainly; with a few short road sections and some cheeky singletrack thrown in.  Tony started badly, with a pinch flat early in the ride.  Getting his Conti Vert Pros off ‘old school’ v-brake rims was a real struggle.  After a stoppage time that would’ve sent Bazza into apoplexy, we resumed the ride and fortunately Tony’s new tube survived the remainder of the morning.

The scenery was excellent, and the terrain exactly matched Tony’s description from the night before as ‘being like the South Downs with trees’.  Steven’s mate, Steve, left us just after Turville, the location for the tv comedy series, Vicar of Dibley.  We eventually stopped for tea and cake in Hambleden (see main photo).  This was another ‘picture postcard’ village, again much used as a film and tv location.

As we were munching our way through the cakes (cherry and almond slice, delicious; thanks Andy), Galliver’s tyre suddenly deflated with a loud hiss.  Time for another cuppa, then.  The ad in the shop window caused some amusement (see pic below); good job no-one noticed my Moles buff on my head.


Resuming the ride, we had some fun on the singletrack on Marlow Common, before retracing our route back to the start and the brewery.  At the start of the ride, I’d decided to dispense with my usual forearm/elbow guards due to the heat.  Naturally, at some point I had to fall off and take the skin off an elbow.  But why did I leave it until that last 10 metres of trail just as we rejoined the road heading to the brewery?  My handlebars caught a branch just as I entered the final downslope off the trail (that will teach me to run 740mm bars), and as the front wheel turned sideways I was sent over the top and into the nettles, doh 🙁

Total distance completed was 39km, with 628m of climbing.  Rebellion Brewery’s finest ale and some good bbq grub was an excellent way to finish the ride.  Thanks to Steven (and mates) for a great day out on some great trails.

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Having been mountain biking since 1996, you might have expected Dandy to have learnt to ride a bike by now. Several broken bones in the last few years prove the maxim that you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

In between hospital visits, Dandy rides a brace of much-blinged Pace RCs, the 'green themed' 405 and the silver & gold 506. His winter hack is the Moles' favourite, an On-One 456 hardtail, now converted to an Alfine hub He also dabbles in 'the dark arts', keeping 2 road bikes in one of his seven sheds.

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  1. Dave says:

    I think they might be on to us, there is a much more graphic advert in the Peaslake Store for the same services!

  2. Karl says:

    Sounds jolly nice D’Andy.

  3. KevS says:

    I know some of those trails as used to ride around from Marlow years ago. Sounds like a great day out by all.
    The Rebellion brewery is one of my fav’s and seeing as I was in our Marlow office yesterday just had to pop in at lunchtime for a couple of free tasters before buying supplies for home! Rebellion Blonde is my favourite in this heat as it goes down a treat. 😉

  4. stevend says:

    Good write up Andy and pleased to see you, as always, and to meet Tony. It was a great day out that everyone enjoyed; a perfect summer’s day on a MTB with good company, free beer and food. It did not stop there as later Vince came over; we finished off the Pimms and then our families got together at his place for a BBQ and more drinks. Summer really is here, long may she stay.

  5. Matt says:

    Sunday was always going to be tight for me as I needed to get home for a family lunch but my plans to head out on the Five with you guys and turn back at a suitable distance were scuppered by a rear flat on the Five.

    In the space of five miles from my place, up to Bockett’s along the Admiral’s track and back to my place I had to put air in five times! Really frustrating but I decided to head home for plan B.

    This involved me riding my Trek singlespeed in my MTB gear down to Leatherhead for a coffee with my wife, then on to Dorking, round the one-way system then back and up Box Hill, looping through Headley and back via Little Switzerland.

    I enjoyed winding up the roadies on Box and at Headley, who didn’t seem to like an MTB rider on a town bike overtaking them (at least the one who tried to drop didn’t seem too happy) and it ended up being quite an enjoyable ride but I’d have liked the MTB better I think.

    This Chilterns ride sounds great and I wish I’d had the time to join you.

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