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Wed’s 10 June dusty evening ride(s)!

Posted by KevS | July 11, 2013 | 7 comments so far

Well despite recent low numbers of riders turning up for the Wed’s evening rides, there was actually a choice of rides to choose from last night with Lee, Lloyd and myself keeping up the tradition of riding from the usual Hylands garage RVP and D’Andy and Nick shredding the Gnarr over Peaslake and Pitch hill.

So, very brief accounts of last night’s rides follows, just to let people know things are still happening Wed’s evenings. 🙂

Lee, Lloyd and me headed up through Wiggly Wood, Ranmore Common, Badger run, (where my chain guide detached itself) Collarbone, Abba Zabba, Blind Terror, back along to White Down, Ranmore Church, ATTW3, Denbies climb up, followed by Golden Nugget and home via Polesden Estate.
17.5 miles, 1868 ft of elevation and brilliant dry dusty trails!

D’Andy and Nick rode from Peaslake and shredded some serious gnarr over Pitch Hill and Holmbury area including old favourites Eric, Yoghurt pots and BKB, plus a whole load of other trails!
15.3 miles, 1978 ft of elevation and no doubt a quantity of ale taken as carbo replacement afterwards!

Great hot summer conditions on super fast trails kicking up dust. We should enjoy ’em while we can!

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  1. Matt says:

    Sadly I haven’t got around to repairing my Five’s rear flat which I think is a tubeless sealing issue; on top of that I’ve had a couple of days at home looking after a burned out child (too much sun and too busy a social schedule) and the heat left me too lethargic to do anything.

    Rarely, an air conditioned office can be quite appealing!

    Hope you enjoyed yourselves. I’ll soon have two serviceable MTBs to choose from so am looking forward to more regular riding.

  2. lloyd says:

    What Kev does not mention is that it was 1 hour 50 min from leaving the house to bike back in garage so the miles were dispatched at a fair pace – I was home by 9.30. The great thing about small group rides is that there is little stopping or faffage – the worst thing about small groups is there is little stopping or faffage!

    Warm but not stifling, no wind, beautiful evening sunshine, firm trails and good company – the perfect night ride.

  3. Markymark says:

    Time wasn’t on my side for this one chaps but it sure was an appealing evening! Am looking forward to meandering through the woods anytime soon…

  4. MuddyJohn says:

    Sounds a great evening’s ride. The mid term forecast is for dry weather through next week, so I am looking forward to joining you on Weds and hopefully having an opportunity to complain about the dust.

  5. MuddyJohn says:

    I can read the BBC forecast with the best of them.

    And it looks like I might be defecting to the dark side on Weds after all – with some work colleagues.

  6. Markymark says:

    BBC Weather!! Pah! I’m choking on my pre-ride rice pops! Any pro forecaster will tell you magicseaweed and windguru are the place to be 🙂 . Now i’ve given away my secrets how about Matt adds some links or feeds or something into the site, a kinda weatherzone for one and all to help ride planning? 🙂

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