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Pipedream Sirius – Project Red

Posted by DaveC | August 17, 2010 | 17 comments so far

Pipedream Sirius repainted red
Having never really got on with my On One Scandal I began looking for a cheap steel frame to make my own. This arrived in the form of a Pipedream Sirius frame from eBay for about £50.

Initially I stripped the Scandal and then built the Pipedream up just to check I wasn’t going to hate it. Having ridden On-Ones for 7-odd years I needed to check the geometry was to my liking. I’m happy to report that it seemed fine as Matt and I cruised around the Surrey Hills one sunny Saturday morning. Slightly shorter than an Inbred the frame felt responsive and certainly more subtle than the Scandal.

Right, time to dismantle it all again!

There were a few changes I wanted to make. I was going to make it 1×9 specific so the seat tube cable stop could come off and the top tube mounted guides needed to go underneath. Several hours and several mini grinding wheels later I had a smooth(ish) frame. The guides on the seat stay were cut “open” to allow for full outer cable routing.

Then came the Nitromors stripper. Either they’ve improved this over the last 20 years, or the paint really liked it as it virtually fell off the frame. This left a nice clean frame ready for the new cable guides. After some debate I opted to use an epoxy glue to bond the aluminium pipe (from B&Q) to the base of the top tube. Once dry I was able to sand this reasonably smooth which had the bonus to telling me they were also fixed strongly enough.

Now on the home straight I made a spraying enclosure in the garage using polythene dust sheets and proceeded to prime the frame. Spraying isn’t exactly a difficult job but It’s a bit of an art to get it smooth and I’m not exactly the most patient of people. This was followed with a few top coats and finally some clear coat. Even with the dust sheets the garage will take many months if not year to recover!

Pipedream Sirius frame lugs

The final job was how to make it redder than red. Careful component choices looking at all factors including availability, durability, cost and weight in order to get the ultimate performance were all considered. Then I went and bought the cheapest I could find!

A red Woodman headset, red Clarks gear cables and hoses, some neat red jockey wheels from HK (with free valve caps), a red bottle cage, KCNC chainring bolts and a few MuddyMoles stickers.

You can see the full photo set of my Project Red Pipedream Sirius on Flickr. There’s also details of the updated R853 Pipedream Sirius for 2010 on the Pipedream website.

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He's had several different bikes but it's now mainly 29ers in Dave's stable, apart from an Orange 5.

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  1. Rob says:

    Good job Dave – I love the fact that you’ve decided to cut off the cable guides and re-mount them. Attention to detail makes all the difference. However, and please don’t take offence as it’s just my opinion, the red anodized hardware doesn’t do it for me. I think you may have been better off leaving them black with some white cables to pick up on the other little bits of white here and there. But, if you plan to use it in the winter, it will get covered with Surrey mud and grit and it won’t matter ! It’s more how it rides than how it looks. Good on you.

  2. JohnR says:

    Having seen it in the flesh it is certainly very red, Dave.

    Have you considered extending the red theme with those “Cyglo Night Bright” tyres” Matt reviewed a few days ago?

  3. StevenD says:

    Dave, I like it. I like some of the details, it is what makes it unique – and you should update the flickr photos to highlight the red jockey wheels and anything else that has changed. Red is a nice colour but when looked at through red-tinted shades, OMG !!! (I cannot remember who had those).

    I recommend helicoptor tape on the down tube in particular to stop loose rocks and stones from damaging the paint.

    Another bonus is that xmas & birthday presents will be easier, anything red for the bike.

    Now just remember to dress accordingly, no orange shorts for instance causing a colour clash and blinding your fellow mtbrs. I understand from Dandy that if you get the urge to bling your clothing sequins is the way to go, LOL.


  4. paul901 says:

    That will be me Steven, the Hammer House of Horror Spec glasses of mine make the Project Red as spectacular as everything else, erm, red.

    In fact Spec have alot of red and black in their clothing shoes gloves and so on so are we seeing the emergence of a brother in arms to Il Dandino…

  5. DaveW says:

    Good paint job Dave – I’ve never managed to make a spray-can paint job look half decent. You claim to not have much patience, but I think you must have more than me.

    How much did the Primer+paint+laquer cost?

    Personally I like the red+red. I’ve not seen that before and it is another thing that makes it unique. White could work, but that would make a feature of the hoses, which tend not to be the most attractive part of any bike.

    Will you get some stickers from Sirius for it Dave?

  6. Dave says:

    No offence taken Rob!

    Not sure about the stickers DW, I kind of like it naked….so to speak!

    It did take on a bit fo glow with Paul’s glasses!

    Standing in the garage last night I was horrified to notice a hole in the chainring and a missing KCNC bolt! So I slapped a gold one in there instead to add a bit of variety! ;oP

  7. James Pro says:

    Nice job Dave, looking forward to seeing your new creation.

  8. DaveW says:


    You could always follow Rob’s red and white scheme, with some white mudguards.

    Maybe add some panniers too, so you can do some cycle touring?

    Something like this:

  9. MarkJ says:


    Howabout get your self a yellow cycle helmet, and go for this look?

  10. StevenD says:

    A man works hard on his creation and what reward does he get from peers ? A few nods of approval and then the pi$$takes begin. All in the best possible taste of course.

    Dave, I would suggest contacting Sirius under the guise of asking for stickers, show them a few pictures and then see if you can blag a few parts by asking questions like, do you have suggestions for tarting up the bike/oops sorry improving the overall look and feel ?

    ie a small reward for a dedicated customer ?


  11. Dave says:

    Just to be pedantic, the brand is Pipedream and the model is Sirius.

    The Sirius has moved on a little since this original version but it still looks like a cracking (and even more versatile) bike.

  12. Matt says:

    It’s a great bike for the £50 cost as I’ve had my eye on a Kwaka green 853 Sirius for some time. Shame they’re £350 after I’ve been spoiled by On-One’s cheap prices. Having said that, it’s very competitive versus a Cotic and the sliding dropouts look a great idea.

    I don’t rule out the prospect of owning one medium term to replace my Muirwoods frame – the carbon forks from that would be an interesting combo for sure.

    As for Dave’s Project Red, it’s too red for me but that’s just personal taste. I actually really liked the creamy white original paint and reckon it would have been nice with the red anodising and all that. Or maybe pink…

    Err, did I say personal taste?!

  13. turnerguy says:

    A pipedream Sirius wins the “What Mountain Bike” hardtail shootout this month – over an On-One, a Cotic BFE, a Ragley Blue Pig, a Cove Handjob and a Geneis Altitude.

  14. paul901 says:

    “On-One, a Cotic BFE, a Ragley Blue Pig, a Cove Handjob”

    Do mountain bikes have to be named by teenagers trying to master that mix of clearasil and first shaves, lots of laughs!

  15. StevenD says:

    Can you imagine having a conversation with your missus along the lines of; ‘I am fed up with my stiffee and wondering whether I will ever find a g-spot, so I have decided it’s a toss up btw a hooker or a handjob’ and then claiming you are talking about bikes ! You have got to admire the marketing people at Cove. LOL.


  16. turnerguy says:

    It’s a BMX tyre!!!

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