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The tale of two mech hangers

Posted by DaveC | May 4, 2007 | 2 comments so far

So I know you’ve all been waiting for the review of my new Orange 5, the build, the birth but I don’t expect many of you were expecting the rapid death either…

OK, so I exagerate by calling it a death but it definately spent time in ITU.

In just 4 rides I’ve managed to kill two mech hangers, 1 XT rear derailleur, 1 spoke, 1 inner cable, 1 chain and come close to breaking a few toes (cause by kicking the bike).

Apparently I’m unlucky according to Cycleworks and I really do believe them, honest I do, no really… After all, riding the Surrey Hills I’ve only covered 3000 miles on Marins, 1500 miles on On-Ones and not bothered a mech hanger before.

Actually although I am a bit miffed by it all it does appear as though the first incident was builder error. I mistakenly though I could pop a link out of a nine speed chain and pop it back in again (no speed link) but it is highly likely that this link failed taking the mech into the rear wheel and the hanger with it.

The most recent incident on Wednesday night could have been a tree stump or fallen branch, although I only pulled a small twig from the cassette I suspect something bigger was involved. Still, standing there contemplating another £50 in less than 2 weeks I didn’t feel moved to hunt down the culprit, I simply wanted to sit and cry. Quite interesting how an inner cable slices through the outer like a cheese slice when put under strain as well.

Anyway, the Orange 5 is still riding like a dream, better now I added a Thomson layback post to it and sitting here now, writing this, I don’t regret buying it. I’ve now bought one of the black anodised mech hangers that Orange say are stronger so we’ll see how long that one lasts.

I’ll post a picture soon to show the MTB in it’s glory.

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