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Henfold Lakes cafe – roadie refreshment

Posted by Tony | February 9, 2011 | 10 comments so far

Well you’d have to be a bit out of your way on a MTB to end up at Henfold Hill cafe but it will be worth it. It’s situated on the the road between North Holmwood (Dorking) and Newdigate, just before Henfold Hill. Entrance off Henfold Lane is via a unmade road that takes you into the Henfold Lakes.

The cafe has been recently renovated and has a very strange Sunday morning cliental consisting of familes stopping for breakfast, fisherman and cyclists, but everyone seems to get along. There are a good selection of drinks and cakes, plus beer! (although 10am on Sunday is a bit early to start) and full english breakfasts for the athlete Mole. Prices put the Reigate Hill and BoxHill cafes to shame.

So if you are out for a spin on the road bike, drop by if you fancy a cuppa.


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  1. Dandy says:

    Why is 10am on Sunday too early to start on the beer? Surely there can be mitigating circumstances, like thirst, for instance? Quite common in winter for a slug from the hip flask at this time.

    Should we determine the nearest bridleway to these Lakes? How far from Leith Hill?

  2. Matt says:

    Thanks Tony, I look forward to trying this out on one of our rides, probably a road run. Cheap cakes, can’t be bad even if I have to wear lycra to fit in.

    The prices at some of the tea rooms – Reigate in particular – continue to shock really. What’s so difficult about doing tea/coffee and snacks at a reasonable price, like they do at Newlands for example?

    Got tempted into a bacon roll on Sunday and still spent less than a coffee and chocolate chip cookie at Reigate. In fairness the coffee’s OK but Grrr!

    The problem is going to Ali’s Tea Room instead is fine but we’re then only a short distance from home and I always prefer to refuel at the furthest point of a ride.

  3. Tony says:

    You are right – 10am is not too early depending on what level of coordinatiion you require afterwards. A coupe of pints followed by Deliverance (maybe thats what I need to get down it!)

    Our nearest ride to Henfold is the big summer loop from Brockham to Beare Green and up to the Leigh Hill Redlands. It’s about 5-10mins off route.

    The secret to getting Matt in lycra is revealed – thoughts of cheap cakes!

  4. pIJ says:

    Comparitively Ali’s is bloomin’ expensive for what you get – half a spoon of instant and some hot water does not a coffee make. Buy the cake from Ali’s, ride over to Reigate for a coffee….

    Warning: memory lane trip approaching! Warning!

    ….back in the day, up in Scotland on my MTB rides I took a gas burner, some water and an esspresso maker up the mountains with me and – shock, horror – made my own.

  5. Tony says:

    No, no, no pIJ. You’ll give Paul901 ideas. We’ll be all standing around in the woods whilst he brews us up Expresso’s, rather than MTBing.

  6. Matt says:

    That’s not a bad idea Tony, why don’t we arrange Paul to meet us for an impromptu coffee break somewhere on the trail.

    My suggestion is at the top of Holmbury but you wouldn’t get away with it would you? – maybe for a sunrise ride at the equinox? That’s Sunday March 20 @ 6.01am

    Paul? ;o)

  7. PIJ says:

    Ha ha! Sorry I’m with Paul901…. can’t beat a good coffee, and you don’t really get one around here do you? Even the crew at the Urban Kitchen fail on this score.

    Isn’t there a group of other local MTB’ers that cook out on their night rides? I used to cook out on my longer rides, but you do have to carry quite a bit of kit around. And admittedly you can look like Mr Tramp when cooking out in Surrey. Not the done thing.

  8. Jem says:

    I must say a good coffee whilst out cycling is great to get the senses going and being tuned in to the trail.

    Last year whilst in Sierra Nevada mountains that was the order of the day.

    A couple of hours downhill in to a quaint town to have our daily Cafe’ con leche. Then off for a steep ascent, more downhill, Then another town or village for lunch with more Cafe’ con leche. “Excepcional”

  9. pij says:

    ….you’re making me hurt right now! Not quite a Harry met Sally moment you understand Jem, but I like the picture you’re painting.

    Energy gels, energy bars, making sure you drink a litre of water every hour? Or one good strong coffee, perhaps two, with a little million calorie multi-layered amazingly complex cake?

    Actually Canmore does it for me; ride up a big mountain, ride down it, find a micro brewery and sit in the sun exchanging banter with bemused locals.

  10. paul901 says:

    I really am trying to lie low on this but eventually I have bitten. This week the kitchen has seen the arrival of a Buffalo Airpot. I didn’t buy it’s a long story but it means no more kettle. I only keep 2l in its 4.25l capacity with constant water at 97-98c now on tap, literally. This week I have been mainly drinking Brazil Cerrado, Brazilian Elephant Bean and Costa Rican Fairtrade. All home roasted and very nice. Boy, life is tough when not on the trail suffering at the back of the pack…

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