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The Dropoff Cafe – Glyncorrwg, Afan

Posted by Colin | March 18, 2008 | 4 comments so far

Whilst Dave seems to be the appointed Muddymoles aficionado of all cake matters, I’ve got to jump in and tell you of a place as yet unmentioned that you must put on your hit list.

Yes, there is another reason to make a visit to the Afan trails. However, this reason has nothing to do with the trails or the riding, it’s the nosh.

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Afan twice and on both occasions, The Dropoff has left a lasting impression on me, adding to the whole experience.

Situated at the start of the Whites Level and Skyline trails, on the top floor of the excellent Glyncorrwg Visitor Centre, the Dropoff is the perfect place to either begin (perhaps you have camped in the adjacent camping area) or end your day when you need to replace the calories burned and/or kick-back for a while, talking bollox about your day’s exploits, as we all like to do.

On Summer evenings you can enjoy the bbq on the terrace under the shadows of the mountains you’ve just conquered.

Permanent MTB DVD’s playing on the large screen TV, comfy sofas, licenced bar and great staff are all further plusses to its main purpose – providing top quality food.

Refreshingly, the food is not your usual bacon butties and chips fare. It is top quality, nutritious and lovingly prepared, but stout enough to satisfy the biggest appetites – portions are not small and prices are more than reasonable.

Then there’s the drinks. Since I quit the fags and as I get older, I’ve become more coffee-snob and less beer-monster. The lattes and espressos here are so good, I normally leave with my eye’s poppin out of my head and heart palpitations due to caffeine overload! The range of bottled beers and wines is excellent so there’s something for everyone.

Though you don’t need one, The Dropoff is the final excuse you need to visit Afan. A Muddymoles visit is certainly on the cards this year and I can’t wait.


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  1. Ian Luff says:

    I am the owner of the cafe in question. Again, I would like to say thanks for the great supportive words and say that as this cafe is a bench mark set for others to follow, it is a very simple one.

    An easy concept of good value, tasty presentable food and drink is something 80% of this country’s eateries need to do.

    There is simply not enough people out there who care what people think about their business. Its so important. I dont make huge profits which I’m sure lots of past visitors will confirm as the portions are large, but the turnover is massive and people will always want to come back for time and time again.

    The other great reason I’m proud of this business is that it’s Welsh. Something for the vallies to be proud of I hope.

    Thanks again, can’t do it without you hungry bikers, of which I am one.

  2. Colin says:

    Hey Ian, I remember having a chat with you last year when you kindly opened up early so my mate and I could dry out saturated kit from the day before! You were filling us in on the plans for the Energy trail and the proposed downhill course.

    We Muddymoles hit Afan in May and had a superb weekend, supported by the delicious fare at the Dropoff.

    We’ll be sure to say hi next time we visit.


  3. Jeremy Brown says:

    I had a fine ride on Whytes Level over the bank holiday weekend. I was impressed with the Drop-Off cafe. Good food and plenty of it. I didn’t have enough room for cake at the end. They definately do it properly in Wales. Hope to go back again.

  4. Dani says:

    Hi, we’ve just returned from Afan, and ate at the Dropoff cafe, excellent food and coffee.

    I had to entertain the kids whilst my husband rode the White Lines route, so I spent a good hour there before wandering into the forest in search of my husband, who subsequently came riding back along the fire road with a wide grin. He then has a large plate of lasange with spicy potatoes washed down with a coffee.

    Next time the kids will stay at the grandparents so I can ride too.

    and… we need a dropoff cafe in Dorking/Westcott…

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