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The MTB Dirtsuit (or onesie) – a new trend?

Posted by Matt | November 1, 2017 | 10 comments so far

Vaude and Dirtlej Dirtsuit MTB onesie
Gordon was kind enough recently to say in the comments that he loved this site because it gave him ideas of things to do and to buy.

This might be taking things to the next level…

I’ve seen this idea from two separate clothing manufacturers recently – from Vaude and from Dirtlej – where they have imagined what a love-child between a waterproof MTB jacket and some waterproof baggy shorts might look like. Much as I keep laughing, I can’t help thinking this is a great idea!

Vaude Moab Dirtsuit in action

So the concept is pretty straightforward – create a complete outer layer to be worn when things get muddy and grim, which can be removed in one go after a ride, leaving your under-bibs and base layer nice and clean.

Vaude and Dirtlej have slightly different takes on the idea. In Vaude’s case, they are thinking of the Moab being something to wear if the weather turns when you’re out and about, like an emergency rain shell but covering everything.

Dirtlej are thinking grander, the idea being to ditch the shorts and jacket entirely. For the grimmer months they do a long leg version too, as well as a summer weight packable option, like the Vaude. Personally I’d really like to try the Dirtlej Classic Dirtsuit – waterproof, breathable and washable. Also available in black by the way (I know what you lot are like!).

The beauty is two-fold. First, no seams between your upper and lower outer layers where mud can get in, with no slipping shorts because they are supported by the upper half. Second, imagine you’ve had a decent ride, are knackered, but face a drive home from the trailhead (or in my case, can’t get in the house with muddy clothing). Off comes the outer, bingo you’re clean underneath! Speeding up the process of changing when the weather is against you or you can’t think straight is pretty handy I think.

So the question is, can you you see yourself wearing anything like this?

(I first saw the Dirtlej on Bikeradar, while the Vaude Moab popped up on Bikerumor).

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  1. Andrew Cannon says:

    I guess if you wear a jumpsuit or dungarees, then this might be for you. As a leader in mens fashion, my reputation wouldn’t survive being seen in one of these out in public.

  2. John Romer says:

    I can certainly imagine Gordo wearing that.

    But perhaps a bit too “practical” for Dandy.

  3. Tony says:

    So this is posh version of the disposable white suits that you see people wearing in the Alps when it’s ultra muddy.

    Not really a major advantage over a pair of shorts and a top?

    Do they do a version with a thong lower half for D’Andy?

  4. Xavier says:

    Be good if they also covered helmet and shoes.
    The disposable asbestos suit is a good idea though.

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