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Mountain Bike holiday with BasqueMTB – Day 6

Posted by Lloyd | July 27, 2023 | 1 comment so far

Moles last supper with Basque MTB
Today was the last day of our week with BasqueMTB and we woke up to the usual debris in the streets from the revelry of the previous night.

This is part of a mini series on a recent Moles holiday to Northern Spain. You can read from the beginning with Day 1 of our mountain bike holiday with BasqueMTB.

It was raining. Unlike the streets that were efficiently cleaned in about 30 minutes each morning, the weather did not show any signs of clearing much.

Boom boom boom summer festival

Once again, Chris and Karl decided to go gambolling by the seaside once more but I decided this was going to be my rest day. I needed to wash all my clothes, do some actual work (gasp!) that needed doing and to have a siesta. When in Spain and all that…

The hardcore three – Elliot, Brian and the Prof – went out with the BasqueMTB guides and had a miserable day of it.

Waiting at the top of a climb with flexi handlebars

Pony club with BasqueMTB

The sun shines on Basque country

They were served some gentle but not very interesting trails in the morning and then some steep muddy trails (of the BGM™ variety) in the afternoon. Eventually they called the afternoon short and returned to base, reflecting that maybe they had not had the best of the day.

Our last supper for the Basque Six was a fun evening, with the restaurant pulling out the stops with a splendid paella. The wine flowed with many tales of derring-do and being Moles, not so derring-do over the years, both here and other trips. A fitting and fun end to the week.

Prof and paella

The grand depart

Well the Tour de France was starting today… geddit?

Brian and Elliot were first out on the road 6:30am, having said their goodbyes the previous evening. The rest of us enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and final pack. After a fond farewell to Marie B for her cooking and effort over the week, the Prof, Karl and Chris headed out on the long journey home. For me, it was a much shorter journey – Biarritz to pick up my wife and daughter from the airport for the third leg of my four part holiday.

But that is a different story altogether and has nothing to do with bikes at all!

A tired singlespeed

Compostela pilgrim trail art

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  1. Elliot says:

    Had it been dry those last day trails would have been really good. Having made it to the last day in one piece and wishing to stay that way I didn’t really enjoy the sliding around, with my knee still only partially recovered from the unfortunate incident in Scotland a month before.

    The last trail was brand new from Doug and had potential, but freshly worked clay and recent rain meant we didn’t get far into it before our tyres were completely packed and useless so had to bail part way down.

    This was the day I had pizza for lunch. Although it was sort of explained when ordering, I’m still in shock…the pizza base was a slice of ham!!! Don’t know if this is a local speciality but as someone who’s worked in the pizza industry, this was definitely not pizza!

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