Muddymoles: Mountain biking (MTB) in the Surrey Hills and Mole ValleyMuddymoles: Mountain biking (MTB) in the Surrey Hills and Mole Valley

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Articles written during June 2012

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Secret training

The other day I stumbled across this photo of D’Andy working hard at maintaining his model good looks in what looks disturbingly like a Muddymoles mankini. Or his daughter’s leotard. Well, I guess you can’t be out shredding the gnarr all the time!! 🙂

Review: Mountain Mayhem 2012

Mountain Mayhem made muddy Moles of us all in 2012; kind of Glastonbury without the dope and music really! Read the rest…

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It’s Mayhem!! Well, the Apocalypse might be more apt…

Tomorrow morning, at 5:30am in fact, we set off for the 2012 Mountain Mayhem event at Ledbury. Read the rest…

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Ride Report – Sunday 17th June – 1 week to go…

So with less than one week ago before the forward Mole team burrows it’s way to Eastnor Deer park the Mole team seemed strangely depleted of racers as we met at Bocketts today.

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Ride report round up – we’re still riding!

With Matt currently having one of his inuit* thingys, me being rather ambivalent and the rest of the Moles generally silent I thought I’d do a little round up of recent riding. (*yeah, I know it should be ennui but it humored me!)