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Leith Tower

Posted by DaveC | September 10, 2006 | 1 comment so far

Top home made cake type of outfit this one.

Last time I was there I sampled the ginger cake. Now ginger cake is one of my favourite cakes but it can be done so many ways.

A dear old friend of my late Mother made the best and therefore the “Gwen” scale shall henceforth be used to judge the ginger cake.

A 10 is reserved for Gwen’s own cake and is pretty much unobtainable in my opinion but I’d say the Leith Hill variety is a top cake and worth a 6. (To put this in perspective I guess I’d give McV Jamaican ginger cake a 6 as well).

One other point worth making is that there is no piped water to the tower at Leith Hill and so drinks are at a premium, take an extra bottle with you.


Tradition is a good thing but sometime you just need to cut loose. After 20 miles of hard riding I said “NO” to tradition and plumped for the Orange and Marmalade cake.

It’s a soft orangey sponge with dollops of marmalade that reminded me of the little chocolate covered cakes with “smashing” orangey bits in the middle.

I’ll give it an 8/10!

Temptation – To feed the fat Labrador…don’t do it, the NT bloke gets very annoyed !!


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  1. dave says:

    On my last visit to Leith Hill I had a piece of fruit cake. Lovely and moist and fruity and rich – recommended.

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