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9. Consider (briefly) the benefits of singlespeeding

Posted by DaveC | June 6, 2007 | 2 comments so far

So the best way for me to consider singlespeeding is to buy a brand new On-One Inbred Slot Dropout complete bike and while I’m about it, lets have some funny 29er sized wheels!

Oh hang on, he said “(briefly)”…bugger.

Oh well it’s too late, I ordered an On-One 29er singlespeed and it’s sitting in the garage having managed 2 wet rides so far. That’s after extensive searching (all of 5 mins on Wiggle) to find that Time have reintroduced the machined Z-Platforms in a rather nice sand colour. Compliments the frame colour perfectly!

So, on to the much vaunted benefits of singlespeeding. The absolute zen of cycling, the epitomy of being a real man, the essence of man and machine or some northerners great joke on us?

Actually, there is something to be said of the simple zen like qualities of the Inbred. Apart from a condition which I shall name “shifter twitch” in my right thumb the whole process is rather enjoyable. The front is light and active, giving a comfortable but agile feel to the bike although you do also get the feeling that there’s something big between your legs!!

Sure, there was a moment while trying to decide if my stomach contents would be better off on the bridleway going up Box Hill but there was also a sense of immense achievement when I reached the top. And a real sense of wonder, as I clattered down through Juniper Bottom, as to why I had just spent £1500 on a new frame and forks to build a new full susser when this £500 rigid machine seemed to thunder down at similar speeds.

The other main effect I witnessed was the iron like quality of my thigh muscles the day after the ride. If you want to get stronger then this seems to be the way to do it quickly.

More reflections soon!

On-One Slot Dropout Complete Bike 29in product page

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