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ESI Chunky Silicone MTB grip review

Posted by Andrew | January 4, 2013 | 6 comments so far

ESI Chunky Silicone MTB grips

ESI Chunky Silicone grips are a premium product offered as an upgrade from double lock-on grips. They are about 60g lighter than a lock-on and offer more comfort because the material is softer and they don’t have the collar at either end – they are fine to use without gloves.

Dimensionally they are the same as the Superstar Supagripa they replaced – you could trim these for smaller hands very easily and they offer a racing version for a thinner grip.

Installation was very simple: First put in the included end plugs, then spray something that will dry (I used window cleaner) onto the bars and inside the grips and twist on. After a few minutes they stay in place very well and do not slip.

The end plugs are quite rubbery so the bike does not fall when it is leant against things, they also add a few millimetres to your bar length.

Durability is a potential issue – mine have taken a cut from the metal edge of my storage locker and the split is slowly creeping. I expect they may need to be replaced after about 6 months which leads on to…

Cost – they don’t seem to have been copied and are not discounted, leaving them at £16. Although the packaging claims they are thicker under the palm mine look *exactly* like they have been cut from a length of pipe lagging. You don’t get much for your money but is it a case of less is more?

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  1. LordOnOne says:

    I used to like the thicker Bontrager Race X Lite grips until they stopped making them. Would have gone straight for ESI Chunky ones had I not discovered a German company called Ergon.

  2. Dandy says:

    I had these in a fetching shade of … green, for the now defunct Pace 405. They worked very well, but like yours, they started to cut and abrade and generally look quite tatty after a few months. I did keep them for well over a year though, and never had any comfort issues. Even a long day completing the SDW didn’t cause any particular comfort issues with the hands. Although my mind may have conveniently obliterated all memories of the last 3-4 hours of that ride 🙁

  3. ajkiwi says:

    I have been using these grips on my race bikes for 2 years now and for endurance racing find them to be the best for comfort and i have never had any issues with pain in my hands like i used to get with other grips. I have found the wear on these to be fairly good with the one pair lasting 2 years and believe me that has covered alot of miles. But equally have had a pair get damaged and ripped when I came off my bike in a real stony trail. But for me I really love them and given the miles I ride find them most comfortable.

  4. Dazzler says:

    Kiwi girl is right, the grips are the best…… I don’t use anything else…… Also come in Funky day glow green fo rthe one & only MR Danndy…..

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