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Foska Buttox MTB Short – Long term review

Posted by DaveC | May 24, 2010 | 3 comments so far

Foska Buttox baggy MTB short
I’ve had my first pair of Buttox shorts at least 2 and a half years and they’re still going strong. Worth telling you about in my opinion!

I wear these over Endura bob shorts, except in the winter when I wear leggings over the bib shorts and then these! Two and a half years of use (say 100 wears in the first year, then maybe 75 since then with me buying a second pair) and they still have a full seat in them.

I like having 4 pockets although I mainly use the two lower, zipped ones. They are super comfy and very durable, the button hasn’t broken on the fly and the zip still works smoothly. The built-in quick release belt also allows for a secure fit while the side velcro straps allow for easy adjustment depending on how many Christmas dinners I’m carrying!

They are starting to show signs of wear as the material is starting to thin but the stitching is still good and I think they’re still good for a while.

Not much I don’t like about them really. Pretty much my perfect overshort.

The Foska website has more information on the Buttox MTB short.

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  1. James says:

    Dave, that was a short review.

    Boom tish


  2. Dave says:

    Sometimes, less is more.


  3. D'AndyC says:


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