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Review: Velosolo singlespeed spacer sets

Posted by DaveC | January 27, 2012 | 1 comment so far

VeloSolo spacers

I guess one of the things about riding a singlespeed bike is ensuring maximum efficiency. The perfect chainline is essential to reduce friction in the drive train.

If you can bling it up while you get the perfect chainline, so much the better!

With a lot of the single speed conversion kits you get two spacers, one to put either side of the cog. Obviously you are limited in how you adjust the chainline to makes sure that the cog and the chainring are perfectly in line. That’s when the VeloSolo spacers come in. For £12.95 (+£1.75 P&P) you get a set of anodised spacer rings consisting of 1 of 7.5mm, 1 of 6.5mm, 1 of 5.5mm, 2 of 4.5mm and 2 of 2.5mm.

With this selection there really is no excuse to have your chainline more than a millimeter out. Choose from black, red, blue, gold, green or special edition ‘Rasta’ mix of red, gold and green spacers. Even Dandy would be happy with this selection. As you can see from the photos, my Kona is currently sporting a nice set of red rings but I’ve had a set of gold ones for some time as well on my Inbred 29er.

Red VeloSolo spacer kit

It’s worth noting that VeloSolo cater mainly for the Fixie crew but they also have unramped chainrings suitable for 1xX (1×10) setups as well as singlespeeding. They’ll even sell you a matching lockring. Those with a dull, not interested in bling, mentality will also find plain aliminium rings at a few pounds less.

All in all a great little find for tuning as well as blinging!

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  1. Lee says:

    A red ring, Dave? You want to calm down on those Friday Night Curries!

    This could actually be a very good find as I’m currently running an odd assortment of spacers on the SS, one of which I think is a plastic Shimano HT2 BB spacer!! Needs must.

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