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Superstar sintered brake pad review

Posted by DaveC | September 4, 2009 | 8 comments so far

I’ve sort of weened myself away from bike forums. Singletrackworld is an example of this. There seems to me to always be a clique that forms and it’s so easy for opinion to become “fact” or “truth”. From a philosophical point of view truth is a very interesting subject but probably a bit off topic for here.

Anyway, I expect you’re wondering what this has to do with brake pads. Well. a recent thread caught my eye and amongst other things it was having a pop at Superstar components customer service. Now, I can’t actually comment on SCs customer service as I’ve never had to use it. All I can offer my opinion on is the brake pads that I have used.

The sintered pads that SC sell current weigh in at £28.99 for 4 sets. The interesting thing about this is that the 4 sets can be made up of any type of pads. Hence now that I’ve managed to consolidate to XT type and M4 type I can grab myself 2 sets of each under the same deal.

I’ve been running these pads for most of the year and I’ve found this compound to be reliable and long wearing, offering a good degree of “feel” and stopping power. Lee also runs these pads and backs up my experiences of them so I feel justified in offering my opinion to you, the reader!!

I should also add the Lee’s experience of the semi metallic/organic pad isn’t the same so don’t be tempted by the lower price. That’s based on riding round the Surrey hills.


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There are 8 comments on ‘Superstar sintered brake pad review’

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  1. Lee says:


    The sintered pads from superstar are definitely a marked improvment from the cheaper sets they offer. Those four pairs literally managed one hard weekend in the Welsh Hills followed by one very wet ride in the surrey hills, exploding on that steep descent into Shere.

    The sintereds have been far better and I still have two pairs in the garage after a good six months on the current set up.

    As you say there is a fair bit of vitriol out there for SC, but having met Neil (aka Fruit) the guy behind them at last year’s show, he seemed a pretty decent and honest guy to me.

  2. Matt says:

    I’ve seen these spats on Singletrack and even noticed that Brant had a sideswipe at one of the many aliases attributed to Neil.

    My impression of Neil at the Cycle Show last year, as Lee mentioned, was he seemed a pretty straightforward guy – but then after consistent bad press it’s difficult to keep your sanity.

    If the comments attributed to Neil via thoses aliases are true (and it’s easy to spoof those on forums), then it shows poor judgement. Best get your head down and let your products to their talking; be we all need to make a living.

    Having said that, an abrupt manner certainly hasn’t harmed Brant’s business, in fact it’s a key part of it. But then his products are good.

    I have a Superstar BB and headset on test and will report back in due course. I might give these pads a try too, to be honest I’d like to see Superstar do well but cut out the handbags boys. There’s no winners there.

  3. Colin says:

    Last year I slated the non-sintered pads and it seems like a valid criticism.

    In fairness to Superstar however, I have to add that when I complained he immediately offered full refund if I sent back the 4 pairs, used or unused.

    So customer service seemed excellent. On that basis and having just paid £25 for a pair of genuine Shimano XT sintered pads, I will give his sintered ones a crack.

  4. Andy says:

    I purchased Colins old Formula K24’s that were fitted with the Supestar pads. The pads lasted a single ride before falling off the backing.

    I switched to the sintered Formula pads, which gave much better braking and good life.

  5. tony says:


    I’ve used the Superstar sintered pads with no problems. No pads coming of backing plates. I tried some part organic pads from another company (I can’t remember who now) which stopped brilliantly but lasted one ride. I think that anything other than sintered isn’t worth bothering with in our muddy, wet, gritty part of the world.

  6. Dave says:

    And here we all are now joining the great debate about different experiences! I also tried some different compound pads from a seller on ebay and I had a pad come clean off the backing plate on Badger run. Initially I was blaming that supplier but on closer inspection it was an Aztec that came from Cycleworks at close to £15.

  7. Matt says:

    As I mentioned earlier in this thread I’ve now purchased four sets of the sintered pads from Superstar – two pairs for Mono M4s and two for Avid Elixirs. Should get them in a day or so which means I can return a set to Dave.

    I’ve been running one of Dave’s sintered Superstar sets on the front of my Five (Hope M4) and they’ve been excellent in shonky conditions so I have high hopes for mine when they arrive.

    The current deal is a wallet friendly £22.99 for 4 sets (i.e. £5.75 each) vs. £15 for one set at my LBS. Quite a difference I think we all agree…

  8. bikewhizz says:

    I was just browsing and picked up on this. Felt the need to say that have been using S/S pads for a couple of years probably, first few sets (organic) the material came away from the backing after moisture had corroded the backing behind the material. Next sets (organic) modified design tough coating to envelope whole pad to prevent ingress of moisture and material now fixes through holes in backing to help adhesion = no more separation.

    In terms of compound , dry summer riding without a doubt organic pads have got the best performance, but put them through a couple of wet loops of Whites Level and they will have vanished, as well as squealed all the way to their grave. Now it has turned wet and gritty sintered seem to be the most reliable.

    While I am at it another product used has been one of their £20 GXP style bottom brackets and all I can say is do not waste your time!!!. Same can also be said for the original Truvativ bottom bracket. Now have stainless Hope bearing and all is happy at last, 6 months on and still spins like the day I fitted it.

    Rambling done, Martin.

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