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What’s a girl to do?

Posted by Amanda | May 11, 2011 | 6 comments so far

What’s a girl to do with 11 days holiday?!

Well, what any self-respecting girl should do of course… ride her bike!!

I was lucky enough to get 11 days off over the last 2 bank holidays so with thoughts of a chance to ride some wicked trails in North Wales a plan was hatched to head off. But first…

Friday 22 April – Surrey Hills

We took the tandem out for a spin, taking in the cool trails of Dorking, Coldharbour, Leith Hill, Peaslake and the North Downs then back over Box Hill.

Total: 4 hours, 52km and 880 meters climbing

Saturday 23 April – Cannock Chase

After picking up Adam we headed off to Cannock Chase and rode Follow the Dog and Monkey Trail which was dry and fast. They have added a few more downhill options which were duly explored and were full of fun. Even Adam had to admit that one of the Black runs actually scared him for a few moments too!

Darren managed to fall off a log and break his Avid XX brake reservior, only to fix it using a bottle of Finish lube oil and electrical tape which lasted the whole week.

Total: 1.45hours, 23km and 420 meters climbing. Adam puncture = 1

Sunday 24 April – Peak District

Headed to the Peak District for an epic ride we had picked out using Adams MBR maps and joined two of them together to give us a big loop. What an amazing area, big open farm land with a good mix of riding for all to enjoy. We covered both the Dark Peak and White Peak areas with the best part for me being a rocky climb to the top of a hill and then the rocky decent pushing techinical abilities to the limits and beyond, with the end result being a massive grin at the bottom!

Total: 6 hours, 80km and 2561 meters climbing. Adam puncture = 1

Monday 25 April – Llandegla

Headed to Darren’s favorite MTB park in North Wales, Llandegla and must say this must be Adam’s nemesis for punctures (last time he was here he had 5 in one day). The day was a little cool but soon warmed up on the skills area before the wee climb to the top where the Black trail starts with a fast descent down rocky twisting singletrack. Then, onto another wickedly fun bit of singletrack with berms and small jumps, before a small uphill to the last part of the Red run back to the start. Soooo cool, making you want to go again and again and again – in fact I did 4 laps just for the hell of it!

Total: 5 hours, 84km and 1920m of climbing. Adam puncture = 2

Tuesday 26 April – Penmachno

Went to my most favorite track in Wales this time, Penmachno. I don’t need to say anymore as you have seen a recent write up on this already.

Total: 2.40 hours, 22km and 600m climbing. Adam puncture = 1

Wednesday 27 April – North Wales

This was a Darren special, so Adam and I were prepared for anything!!! Started east of Snowden by Pont-y-Benglog and headed north east and followed the pipeline which took us past Llyn Cowlyd reservior, then onto a road into Llanbedr-y-Cennin. After that, up a long climb to a roman road doing the Druids Circle, then down a cycle path and on to a road that took us to Bethesda. Here Darren took the cycle path back to the camper while Adam and I rode up over and around the Slate mines into Llanberis to meet Darren and go to our favourite pub for a pizza and a pint!

Total: 5.30hours, 81km and 2186 meters. Adam puncture = 1 and sliced a tyre!

Thursday 28 April – Coed-y-Brenin

We rode The Beast and also the MBR trails again, you will be familiar with these ones!

Total: 3.54hours, 56.6km and 1015 meters climbing. Adam puncture = at least 2…

Friday 29 April – Cotswolds

We traveled to the Cotswolds to meet up with a mate of mine. The trails around there where like around the Mole Valley, there are many once you ride with a local. The trails were really cool with loads of tree roots and some awesome singletrack and some very good sharp climbs.

Total: 4 hours, 55km and 1300 meters climbing. Adam punctures = 1

…Saturday saw us have a rest day…

Sunday 1 May – North Downs

Rode with the Moles which had its adventures and mishaps but really fun ride.

Total: 4.23 hours, 68km and 1140 meters climbing. Adam punctures = 1, even on a different bike

Monday 2 May – South Downs

Well my last day of holidays, so Darren went wind surfing and droped me at Amberley where I joined the South Downs way and rode to Anningtom Farm. From there I took the Downs link to Cranleigh, then up to Winterfold and on to the trails into Peaslake and Holmbury Hill, Leith Hill, Coldharbour and finally home, with a head wind most of the way.

Total: 5.24 hours, 86.6km and 1590 meters climbing

So all in all a fantastic 11 days with a total of 40 hours riding 609.4km and 14,022 meters of climbing – sweet! Adam had a total of about 10 punctures that I know of and also did a tyre, all I can say is so much for snake skin tyres… A big thanks also to Darren for all the driving and putting up with all my big riding ideas.

I’ve already got the next one sorted…


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  1. Dandy says:

    That mileage (or km’age) puts us all to shame, fantastic. Sounds like an mtb TdF to me !

    Some of those ride stats have tired me out just reading them; 6 hours, 80km and 2561 meters climbing; 5 hours, 84km and 1920m of climbing, etc.

    I know a lot of those trails, Llandegla, Penmachno, CyB ‘Beast’, Snowdon etc. So I can guess the fun you had.

    Do you think Adam has realised that tubeless could be an option worth trying ???

  2. stevend says:

    Amanda, those numbers are incredible. Andy is right I am tired getting my head around your effort and I bet your bike feels knackered as well. If it tries to hide from you, then you know why, LOL.

    In old money you did 380 miles in 11 days, and coincidentally my mileage chart shows 380 miles as well… for March and April combined ! I noted you missed out the Chilterns 😉 . There are plenty of climbs around here I am sure you will enjoy, though sadly I may need a MotoX bike to keep with you three.

  3. leona says:

    Puts me a bit to shame. I was in Wales from the 26th to the 3rd of may. Pathetic 28 miles…

  4. Colin says:

    Thats just showing off.

    Can’t believe you needed a rest day. Get some more training in you guys

  5. DaveW says:

    Amanda, you are insatiable! An excellent and inspiring write up.

    Poor old Darren though – do you sometimes just feel like sitting on a beach for 11 days mate? ;o)

  6. cathie says:

    jealous! Although with 5 days off from Thursday I have 4 rides planned 😉
    Cleaning the oven is for someone I used to know 😉

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