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Cycleworks Demo Day 2008 – The Cake

Posted by DaveC | March 11, 2008 | 2 comments so far

I’m not totally sure why I was given the job of writing the cake review, especially judging by what I saw the other moles and assorted hangers on stuff down their throats.

Anyway, I need to start by pondering on a question. Can I write about a cheese scone in a cake section? Now a scone is a scone and I guess if it had jam in then a cake it would be, but given the savory bent of this scone, is this scone an impostor? Well given the number I ate, I say bollox to it, it’s in!

The cheese scones were served warm and went down a treat, just right to balance the sugar load of the muffins, coffee sponge, fruit loaf and heavily seeded flap jack. Now I’m going to mark the flapjack down because of the attempt to make it healthy with seeds; in fact I might have to start a “Keep Flapjack Pure” campaign but given the level of syrup I’m only marking it down 0.5 so it’ll still get 4.5/5.

The cheese scones get a 5/5 and I don’t think I’m qualified to comment on the others although the chocolate muffin gets a 4, marked down for the use of white chocolate chips (I hope that’s what the white stuff was anyway!).

I know Mark had some thoughts on the fruit loaf, hopefully he’ll comment!

So finally a big thanks to the Cycleworks’ Catering Support team (that’ll be some of the Mum’s then!) and roll on 2009!


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