Muddymoles: Mountain biking (MTB) in the Surrey Hills and Mole ValleyMuddymoles: Mountain biking (MTB) in the Surrey Hills and Mole Valley

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Night riding

So the nights have started to draw in again, not immediately obvious perhaps given that’s it’s only mid August, until you try to get out on the bike in the evenings. Starting at 7:30 it doesn’t take more than an hour before there’s an obvious need for lights out on the trails.

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Good times

So I’m back in the saddle. Not literally as I type* although that would be a clever trick, but metaphorically, as a way of saying I’m back riding the trails again and more importantly, enjoying it.

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Leith Hill

A story about how much I hate Wolverns Lane, cycling with teenagers who have too much energy, helmet camera trials, meeting friends not seen for a long time and massive energy crashes! A tale of everyday riding you might say!

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In the shit

I had a number of titles that came to mind while riding home.

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At last, ‘real’ winter riding

After the nasty shock of the alarm I ambled into the kitched to hear the sounds of rain on the roof. Real winter riding is back!

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A cold winter ride

I rode into work this morning, 12 miles of mainly off-road fun along the North Downs to Reigate. Unfortunately it was not without it’s niggles.

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What is an average ride like?

It struck me that anyone stumbling upon the “new” blog might wonder what sort of ride is “average” for us on a Sunday.

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Quite chilly really!

With both Sundays over the Christmas period being covered with notable days we had to organise a midweek ride to ensure some fat was burnt off. We had a new boy join us…