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Shimano SD-60 (now SD-65) sandals review

Posted by DaveC | June 11, 2007 | 3 comments so far

Shimano SD-60 sandals

Or; Jesus he knows me, and he knows my name

Jesus creepers, vandals sandals or any of the other countless names that open toes sandals have there is only one rule for my generation. No Socks!

So, what has this to do with MTB riders I hear you cry? Well Shimano do a rather nifty range of open toed, SPD compatible sandals for the MTB rider.

Shimano SD60 is the model that I have and I’ve had them since last Summer so the model appears to have changed to an SD65 now. I bought them because I had an ingrowing tow nail removed and open toed sandals allowed me to ride where I’d not be able to tolerate a shoe for a couple more weeks maybe. The truth is that I wore them a lot after that and in the heat of last weekend they came out of the cupboard again.

I find them comfortable and they work well. My feet are kept cooler and I really have little fear of my toes hitting anything as the sole is quite chunky and forward of my toes. Giving that I was pushing down and pulling up quite hard on the single speed I really can’t fault their ability as an SPD style shoe.

Give them a go!

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  1. Arna Kay says:

    I have the sandels SD 60 and want to buy another pr. I do not like the SD 65 with the 3 straps. More like shoes and do not keep feet as cool. Where Can I Buy A Pair?

  2. Andy Jamison says:

    I have a pair of these sandals, and while they are more chunky, and a little less comfortable than the original version that I had quite a few years ago, they are tremendously versatile especially when just cruising the beach-front! Equally at home on a serious ride too, and well up for the abuse! Great product, all to often overlooked!

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