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Squirt Chain Lube review

Posted by StevenD | July 4, 2011 | 11 comments so far

I suppose chain lube is like many things we use with our bikes; we all have our choices, it is something you just use and hope it works but does the choice of lube really make a difference?

Squirt Chain Lube girl

As my lube supplies ran low I had to decide on replenishment. Once I saw the pictures of the girls with ‘Give Me A Squirt’ printed on their lycra tops (easily found via google), I thought that if a company is cool enough to appeal to a man’s basic instincts then their products must be OK. Yes, I can be that shallow. Maybe we could ask the Squirt girls to meet up with the Moles mid-ride in case anyone needs their chain checking? Probably best not to go there…

More seriously I was getting fed up with wet and dry lubes, never knowing which one to use or having to change each ride, and then there is the need to clean the chain so often. I looked around and decided to give Squirt lube a chance.

I am delighted with it, just follow the instructions carefully and you will end up with a clean and silent drive train throughout your ride, whatever the conditions (so far!). If you have seen the photos of my nano tech pedals then you will notice just how clean my chain and rear cassette were following two muddy rides that day and yet I have not cleaned the chain or gears for nearly 3 weeks!

Superstar CNC Nano Tech Thru Pin Pedals in gold

You clean, degrease and dry the chain (and obviously the rear cassette and derailleur), then add a drop of Squirt to each roller. Let it dry and reapply. Let it dry again and now you are good to go. It is important to let Squirt dry before riding because it is applying a wax coating that protects the chain. I have also used Finish Line wax lube but this is much better. I have even noticed that the amount being used is not as great as you think while applying it, so a small bottle should last awhile.

Of course you still need to check the chain but as Squirt makes your chain ‘self-cleaning’ you just need to add more when required, and yes – that works. So easy.

I have been using it for about two months on dusty and sandy trails in the UK and Netherlands, and more recently some muddy Chilterns rides. I just cannot fault this lube, my chain and rear cassette have run smoothly and quietly and look clean after every ride.

Can it be used all year round ? I suspect that when the time comes it will just mean more applications. I would caution though, that since using Squirt I have not been riding in very muddy/quagmire, heavy rain or winter conditions so it remains to be seen just how long lasting it is in more typical British weather than we have recently experienced. Something else that will be interesting is whether Squirt helps to prolong the life of the drive train.

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Steven, at over 50, is a Port'N'Stilton MTB rider based in the Chilterns. He enjoys local rides, particularly those involving stops at breweries and vineyards, but frequently visits Swinley and joins the Moles when possible. Steven rides a Trek bike and has been known to use it to go deer jousting. His latest toy is a ContourHD camcorder.

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  1. Jem says:

    Sounds the stuff to use, certainlty in dry conditions.

    I just want to know, how biodegradable are her lycra shorts?

    Is her bottom solvent free?

  2. Matt says:

    I know Adam, Darren and Amanda all use this stuff and swear by it. I’ve used something similar called Rock ‘n’ Roll lubrication for several months now which uses a similar concept and have to say it’s very effective.

    As Steven says though, I have to try this stuff if only in thanks for them gifting us the Squirt girls…

  3. Markymark says:

    I’ve heard this stuff is good.

    In fact, it seems to apply the similar waxy coating that’s impregnated into brand new chains – and you can’t really out-do the lube on a new chain!

    I’ll invest if it comes with a free poster to put on my bedroom wall next to the Madonna one…

  4. PIJ says:

    I’ve been using it for years now. Good stuff in the dry, but for me it doesn’t last that long in the wet – tend to switch to a, well, wet lube for the winter. D’oh!

    Brilliant service from the suppliers though – really brilliant. Had a small problem; late delivery, which they resolved by doubling up on my order at no extra cost. Can’t speak any better of them really.

    Only thing I’ve noticed is that during extended dry spells you do get a build up of greasy wax on the transmission, and this seems to “chip” off leaving greasy flecks on your kitchen, sorry, garage floor. Guess I could resolve this by just cleaning the bike post-ride with warm water, but my Pace calls me a “Girl’s blouse” if I try and clean it…..


  5. Canadian Rob says:

    It sounds just like a product I used to use on the road called White Lightning. I had great success with that and have been looking for a dry wax lube. Was planning to try the Dry Wax lube from Muc Off but I think I will pick up a bottle of Squirt to try it first. Unless it is seriously overpriced… Although, what bike lube isn’t?

  6. StevenD says:

    Update: Earlier this month I switched to a wet lube. Squirt has been great all summer and is okay for a light shower, but on a wet mucky ride I recommend you use a wet lube.

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