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KCNC Jockey wheels

Posted by Matt | June 26, 2008 | 16 comments so far

KCNC anodised red jockey wheels
Anyone following my sorry drivetrain replacement saga of the past week knows that it was all really with one aim in mind. To find an excuse to fit some blingle blingle anodised red KCNC jockey wheels to my SRAM X0 derailleur.

Here they are in their pristine glory (with more KCNC jockey wheel photos on Flickr). I was a bit nonplussed at first when fitting them as it became clear (despite claims on the website) that there would need to be some tweaking for them to fit the SRAM X0 rear mech.

It was the first time I had dismantled the SRAM X0 cage and on removing the old jockey wheels I could see that though they had a bearing cover on one side, the carbon fibre back plate was doing the same job on the other. So I prised off one of the gold bearing covers and slotted in the KCNC jockey wheels, where they fitted perfectly.

Time will tell if the missing bearing cover really is an issue or not. Personally, I don’t care as this must be the cheapest, most cost effective pimpage available at only £15 a pair! Seeing the way the jockey wheels now perfectly compliment my SRAM Red cassette makes it all worthwhile and straight out the box the shifting seems fine.

Available in a range of colours, I know at this stage I’m the guinea pig of the group. But if the performance is half as good as they look, expect to see some multi-hued gearage out on the Pitch Hill trails sometime soon!

I quite fancy a blue set for my 2003 Shimano LX groupset on my On-one which is an attractive blue-grey metallic and anyone running gold piston caps on their Hope brakes has to think about some gold jockey wheels to compliment them. Dave P was keen to know if you could mix and match and considering they come in individually wrapped packets I’d guess it’s worth a phone call to Clee Cycles.

Green, red and gold… rasta baby!

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  1. Muddymoles says:

    Two bikes to watch for 2009

    Bikes just keep getting better and better, and the Cannondale Moto and Commencal 5.5 look like being popular choices for 2009.

  2. Colin says:

    So come on Matt, whats the verdict on the bling bling jockey’s.

    I’m not talking about your Y-fronts, I mean the new wheels.

    Is there a price to this vanity or are your gears working just as god intended ?

  3. Matt says:

    Colin, I was pretty pleased with them on Sunday’s ride. Certainly a talking point!

    There’s definitely no noise penalty which I was worried about from running alloy rather than plastic jockey wheels.

    Shifting was as good as you’d hope although I have a small issue going from 8 to 9 – it works if I go 7 – 8 – 9 in quick succession, so it’s probably just a bit of tweaking needed.

    Need a few more miles to check out longevity side of things though.

  4. Muddymoles says:

    SRAM X0 catastrophic failure

    A stray branch thoroughly breaks Matt’s SRAM X0 rear mech and leaves him with an expensive repait bill. Maybe X9 would be a better bet?

  5. Matthys says:

    Good day Matt,

    It has now been a few months later. How did the longevity test on the KCNC go? I am planning to use the red KCNC jockey on my SRAM X0.

  6. Matt says:

    Hi Matthys, thanks for the question.

    All was going very well, once I’d re-seated the jockey wheels (I wasn’t paying proper attention when I put them it!). Shifting was good, not noticeably noisier or worse or anything like that and they looked bling.

    The anodising wore off quite quickly though. Then I managed to break my X0 rear derailleur on a tree branch which also buckled and twisted the jockey wheels. So to be fair, I didn’t get a good long term test on them.

    When I get the derailleur replaced I’ll probably put some more of these on though as I still think they look wicked!!

  7. Neville Guibarra says:

    I ran a set of the KCNC jockey wheels on my X0 mech, and the bearing life wasn’t great. They aren’t well sealed, and I found on a few occassions that after cleaning the bike, when I next used it the jockeys were seized solid. On inspection the bearings were full of mud.

    A good clean and repacking with grease would get them spinning again, but after a while the bearings had become very sloppy. I think they lasted about six months of Sunday rides and a couple of turbo sesions during the week.

    I’ve now replaced them with the ceramic bearing versions – these are lasting better, 9 months so far, no slop, and haven’t needed cleaning out and regreasing as much (although maybe I’m just being extra carefull when I wash them).

  8. Muddymoles says:

    SRAM X0 goes super-pimp with anodised colours

    SRAM release details of their special edition coloured X0 groupset, including anodised X0 rear mech, cassette, trigger shifters and Truvativ Noir crankset in a range of colours.

  9. SteveP says:

    I’ve had the same issues mentioned here. I’ve changed to ceramic on my XTR because the normal bearings didn’t hack it. In their defence KCNC do advertise the ceramics as providing longer life specifically in a MTB environment. I’ve got normal bearings on my Dura-ace mech and have no issues. Had to tweek the top and bottom end adjustment screws on fitting as the wheels complete are slightly thicker than a dura-ace wheel. Shifting is very crisp. In all, if you have a need to change then they are worth the money. If you just like the bling then they pass the ‘wife test’.

  10. Muddymoles says:

    KCNC roller bearing bottom bracket

    KCNC have used roller bearings rather than the standard cartridge bearings to hopefully extend the life of their new bottom bracket

  11. Dandy says:

    The perils of inflation (and I don’t mean exploding inner tubes here!) means that these are now £32/pair of £42 for the ceramic versions which are the better bet according to Neville.

    I can’t resist treating the Pace to a set of these, or my names’s not Dandy Mole 😉

  12. paul901 says:

    Holy Moly, you mean the same price as a new rear mech?

  13. Matt says:

    Wow, I’m shocked too Andy.

    I seem to remember the non-ceramic ones cost me around £27 back in the summer but £42!! [chokes]

    Dave found a supplier of ‘similar’ products on fleabay which seem worth a punt.

    Amanda has used the KCNC ones on her Spesh for about three years if I recall without problems which is why I bought some more but next time it’ll be the eBay route I think.

    My new ones are holding up well so I have high hopes.

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