Muddymoles mountain biking in the Surrey Hills and Mole Valley


The Moles on a Holmbury Hills fire road

Ride report: Sunday 27 November – Hub deep in leaves

Leaf strewn trails on a dank and misty Sunday for a bunch of late November Moles Read the rest…

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(Night) Ride report: Wednesday 23 November – Much slipperiness

Another step to re-establishing our regular night riding pattern around the Surrey Hills Read the rest…

Dandy on a Cannondale

Ride report: Sunday 2 Oct – A meander to Newlands

A crisp clear autumn day, a big group and some varied trails on the way to Newlands Corner Read the rest…

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Last of the summer sunshine on Leith

Despite being 5 minutes “early” Elliot and Dave W, were waiting for me (Southside Jonny – not Dandy, who has posted this on my behalf) at Bocketts, together with Roadmole on his shiny new tango Orange Four. Dandy turned up soon after, having chased me along the A246, and after a brief discussion we settled on tea at Leith Hill.

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Ride report: Sunday 18 Sept – The long way to Newlands

So really, this is an actual ride report. Wow it’s been a while hasn’t it?

Just 12 miles, and for ten of them we were lost!

Round and round in circles, up and down hill! Read the rest…

Ride report: Sunday 8 May – all the main playas was out!

I have to confess a hat-tip to Chrissy here who first noted thatSunday’s ride featured a big turnout and an appearance by Lord Lucan himself. Read the rest…

Matt goes round the bend

Ride report: Sunday 20 March – Yah for the gnarr at QECP

The Moles head to Petersfield and the Queen Elizabeth Country Park – QECP – for a bit of gnarr Read the rest…

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Ride report: Sunday 06 March – Three (or maybe Five) Hills

Like all the best plans, this one was hatched in the pub after a few beers on a Friday night. Read the rest…

Ride report: Sunday 28 February – Tunnelling moles

Last week TonyD complained on our Facebook page about our complaints about mud. This week, we left nothing to chance and went somewhere much drier; Tunnel Hill.

Ride report: Sunday 21 February – no shortage of mud

It seems somewhat churlish to complain about mud. After all, here at MoleHQ the Muddymoles have defined themselves by it. But really, I think we’ve had enough of it by now. Read the rest…

Ride report: Sunday 7 February – mechanical farce

To be fair, I ripped the label ‘mechanical farce’ off Elliott. Who may be correct in his assessment…